Butterfly Painting

Zipolita’Z Butterfly Project 2022

So the idea came to me in a little process as I was trying to think of how to raise money so I can go back to Mexico and hopefully see the Monarch Butterflies.

It was sort of my 60th Birthday wish that didn’t happen.

Anyways lots of other things helped me come up with this idea.

First it was triggered by some terrible events that happened to the “Unhoused’ or more often referred to as “Homeless”. I myself use this term. Even though Vancouver has been my home since 1993. While I have moved around, my grandma, mom and daughter we’re all born here. It is my hometown as weird as that is to say I grew up in the Fraser Valley. But this IS, WAS, HOME!

Zipolita’Z Painting Project 30 in 30


So my friend needed someone to look after her plants and housesit for a month and I needed a place to stay. So being blessed with a fabulous opportunity I pretended I had won an month long artist residency.

Part of the PRETEND artist residency requirement was to paint 30 paintings in 30 days and sell them all and use the money to go to Mexico where I want to teach art to children and paint murals and live for the winter.

So I bought 30 canvases and I painted them all up.

At one point I was flailing and I called on Georgia O’keefe and Maud Lewis and once I did that the paint flowed.

Then while painting something crept into my head to put a butterfly on my dresses. I started with a t-shirt and then just went wild and paint all my dresses and even a jacket.

That’s when it hit me.

My latest and greatest fundraising idea.

Zipolita’z Butterfly Project 2022 – Pop Up Gallery


*bring an old or new t-shirt

*bring a coat hanger

*bring a plastic bag.

I will do the rest.

I will paint a lovely butterfly on you shirt, apron, jacket, almost anything you wish and you make a donation to help get me to Mexico for the winter.

I don’t know if you are aware but the town where I have spent most of Covid and where my daughter was created and we visited together and lived 4x for 5 months each time, was hit very hard by Hurricane Agatha. The town really suffered but is coming back. The little restaurant where I painted many murals had to be torn down it was so badly damaged.

But they are rebuilding and it looks very idyllic and I need to get back as soon as I can.

Art will really help the kids who when through this very scary climate event. Art will help them vent there fears, joys and give them outlets to create the dreams. When your kids are happy and healthy then parents are. So it will help the parents and the children and of course I hope the whole community will get involved soam I dreaming BIG, because I always say DREAM BIG OR GO HOME!!

Anyways that is my plan.

Donations can be sent to Paypal Me https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/zipolita

Or E-Transfer at zipolita.@gmail.com password : Butterflies2022




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