Who wants to go to Mexico and take art classes at the beach?
That’s what I am trying to organize.

I know 2 great places we can stay all together, let’s get together and make
it happen this winter.

Learn Watercolour, Carving, Oil Painting, all sorts of things. Stay Tuned.
I think there’s room for 20 people for sure.

There is a variety of hotels, palapas, condos to stay in Zipolite and I am sure
you can find something to accommodate your tastes during your stay.

Roca Blanca Posada
http://Facebook Roca Blanca Posada

Do art at the Roca Blanca?

Posada Esmeralda
Facebook Posada Esmeralda

Would you like to take Art Workshops on the beach

Please contact me if you are interested.

Zipolite -watercolour pen & ink painting