Who is your Wilson?

So this is from yesterday.

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I have another post to make…so moving on…Stay Safe! Stay Home!

Who is your Wilson?

Pray and Project

So you know I have had this crazy life. I know I know …not supposed to use that word…not supposed to do this, that …but meanwhile …

Since I was a kid serious shit happens to me. But as I was later to learn being really f’g privileged in so many ways, but definitely faced a lot of discrimination and my rights have been stomped on and squished and crumpled up like trash and thrown in that corner…

I have to watch my tone…so easy to be misunderstood…

Anyways…to my point. What I have realized I can make my future…somewhat…this last part I haven’t figured out but I made the trips to Mexico happen by actually saying it was going to happen, picking a date and really going for it.

So I am going to do it and I am inviting you to join me. We need to imagine our future…what ever we want..truly and then pray and project…and some version of it will happen.

Maybe it won’t all be great. But maybe part of it will. Like I just spent 5 months on a gorgeous beach..mainly alone, doing art, painting murals and eating a super special diet of cacao and getting really healthy in mind spirit and soul. My body came along for the ride and I am physically healthy for what this body has endured. My point is I have been so blessed. I have tons of photos that I need and want to make into a film and maybe in the craziness of life this will happen for me….who knows.

So look at your life…pray and project. Tell the universe or what ever you believe that this is what you want and need and crave to survive this crazy mixed up world and let’s see what happens.

For a little peace watch this video made a few years back. I made so many I forgot about it. Now that is sad. I was too busy to watch. Take time. Now, now is the time to take time, to Pray and Project. Remember to be reflect and be grateful. Being grateful is huge. More maƱana .

The Future

Well if there was ever a time to start blogging again, I guess it is now.

Is it the end of the world.?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that it is the end of the world as we knew it.

Today is supposed to be my first day home after a fabulous free life changing artistic, spirituality and wellness experience after living 5 months at Playa del Amor in Zipolite Oaxaca Mexico.

But instead, life pulled the rug out from under me and I have fallen flat on my ass. But as someone stated recently us boomers know how to roll with the punches…or dodge bullets was the term the used. That’s not me though, I am late late late boomer. The very end and I think alot the same but alot different than many boomers..so I am hippy boomer but not a hipster, I am Indigenous apparently with Mexican dna to and European in there…the whole kit and kaboodle….

I am techy and artistic, in to love, motherhood, saving the world…all that stuff.

My kid grew up. I didn’t have her til I was 40 and WOW the shit that’s gone down this year and throughout her lifetime…let alone mine…you can read about some of it in my other blogs.

This is supposed to be my arty blog/website, not political…that’s this one https://tinawinterlik.blogspot.com/ and not travel…that’s this one https://adventurezinmexico.blogspot.ca/

So today is 2020 03 25 or March 25 2020 and what a weird fucking year this has started out as. Can you believe it. I mean seriously. wtf.

If I thought last year challenged me well I guess, the Creator, God, Mother Earth, the Universe, Higher Powers, Ancestors or some Alien kids that got their hands on an Earth 2020 video game and they are adding all sorts of stuff to our stress level and going change the environment, ..who knows..

Who really knows…I really am not sure what I know…after being in Self Isolation, you start to question everything. Like I don’t already…you laugh!! That’ s me! I do question everything and have big conspiracy theories roll around in my head but then know actual facts that are NOT conspiracies just the establishement/gov/c orporate /economic mentally trying to wipe out our Mother.

Thing is you can’t wipe her out but she will wipe us out and we have become these annoying little ants and like me..spraying myself with essentials oils of lemon eucalyptus and lavender to keep the ants and bugs from biting me while I was in Mexico…eventually I get mad and just wash and clean and wipe them all away. But they always come back…ants..amazing…!!!

Like humans…we are fucking amazing but we have become amazingly warped and the Mother is cleaning house and it’s going to be harsh.

See this is the warped part.

Being locked down, it’s frigging creepy. I know we are all doing our part. For me it’s more intense in that I am truly alone. Let’s back up so you can understand.


I was supposed leave Zipolite March 24th and fly home from Cancun. Feb 29th my amiga says “shit is going down you should leave now.”

But I was like… she is over reacting (In my heart I knew she was right but…) and besides I can’t change my tix and I am supposed to bus back to Cancun.

March 11 the stuff I am reading inspires me to look for a tix and I find one direct Hux to YVR and I get one for $600 cdn. Money I don’t have but something is telling me Trump might closes borders and my other flight was through Houston.

I had such a beautiful trip home planned. Visit San Cristobal and Agua Azul and Mishol.ha and Palenque and then Cancun. All that changed.

So I flew home March 15th. The night before everyone coming home to Canada was told to self isolate 14 days. Well that just f’d up my life really good. I had a job and a room set up and I was off to a new life…but everything changed. Everything is closed. Got to be honest here, I melted down. A lot of crying went down… in Zipolite, in the airport, on the flight home, in my new sacred space sanctuary…for how long is unknown…as is everything….

I was blessed I have a place to self isolate… for 2 weeks, I don’t know what is going to happen…do you..?


I didn’t think so …

So we just have to wait and see.

I have been in Self Isolation …let’s see..Sunday 11:58 March 15th I think my sis said…so 10 days now…WOW!!

So this is what I was thinking…Let’s Pray and Project.

I am going to make another post…hang on

The Murals -Mermaids – Part 4

Painting the Mermaid on the door is when the Mermaid Sanctuary came alive and I felt at home, safe and protected. I realized later..I was created a new little nest..just different. The colours make me feel happy and the gold well it adds that little magic!