Zipolite – Blog Links for October 2017

Me – doing selfies in the golden hour!

Hola Amigos
Just thoughts I would share some of my latest posts from my Adventurez In Mexico blog so you can see what I have been up too. There was a huge rain storm the other night but we were all safe and dry thankfully.

You can read and see the photos here

Mini Grand Canyon from Huge Rain Storm

Cutting Down Coconuts

Lights, Internet & Stormy Night

Piedra de Fuego Restaurante

3 de Diciembre Pizzeria y Restaurante

Zipolite in Oct 2017

Honoring my dad for Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos Oaxaca -Videos 2012

Huatulco -Zipolite Photos

Coming Soon Dia de Muertos Festival

2001 Fire in Zipolite – Reminder to Take Care

YVR airport to San Cristobal Las Casas 2017

Don Muchos, El Panchan Y Kim Balam- Palenque

Come to Zipolite 2017

Hola Amigos, We Made It!



Adventurez In Mexico – YVR to San Cristobal

Hola Amigos, so this is the journey so far. I hope you like it.

If you do like and are able could make a little donation to my Patreon and help support us a little.  Think about it! I would really appreciate it! Gracias.

Adventurez In Mexico is a blog about the Journey of a Canadian Mother and Child(whose father is Mexican) and their Adventurez and they travel, learn and explore the Mexican landscapes, language and cultural traditions. 

Tina, who goes by Cristina aqui and Angel, but they like to call her Angela, became pregant in Mexico but due to circumstances such as 9//11 and other issues returned to Canada to have her child. She could not return until Angel was 6, then again at 7 and at 10, she managed to get the money to come to Mexico for 5 months. The father helped with the first trip but after Tina has raised her child alone as the child’s father is poor. Oaxaca is a very poor state. People are lucky if the make $20 a day. Now Tina, me, I have managed to get back for Angel’s 15th year, a very important year in a young Mexican woman’s life. We will have a tiny Quinceañera 

But really just coming to Mexico is the gift. Stay tuned for our Adventurez In Mexico as we will be here until the end of February. Follow along and learn what it is like to live like Mexicans in Oaxaca do. Come visit. Come to Zipolite, West Jet is going to have a big sale in November…if you coming please let me know…I need some things, like eucalytus oil and probably more lavender.

We have a wish list,
2 fishing rods,
2 old bikes
a bunk bed, so Angel can have her own bed
things like that. Not much…

Okay, besos y abrazos!
Zipolita (Cristina) y Angelita (Angela) really Tina and Angel but they change our names here..

They don’t like the name Tina…it means bathtub and they think Angel is a boy’s or mans name so they change it…to Angela. Different cultures…did you learn something…we will teach you lots.

Stay tuned for more Adventurez In Mexico #AdventurezInMexico

Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017