Tiny House For Sale!

Updated! ONLY 1 Birdhouse left!
2 SOLD!!


Step Right Up Folks, get your HOT #RealEstate here!
Freshly Painted and Move in Ready! LOL!

Hand drawn, Hand Painted by Artist Zipolita

Shipping in Canada Only!

Approx. Size
Height: 5″
Width: 3″
Depth 2″

$20 Cdn plus $10 shipping/tax


Store is Open – Test

Carved Box

Okay so I already gifted this one but can make one like it.

This is a test post really. If you want one please contact me about commissions.

Well that took a bit of figuring. Hope this goes as plan. Still fiddling and testing. Mind the mess. I will have it all sorted in a day or two. You see to make it easy, this is my posts page and I can list items here and you can find things in the archive.

New Auctions will appear each month and will only be available until the end of that particular month. Items may appear during the month as well as the beginning so check back regularly as not to miss out!!