Welcome to Hope

Well well well funny how life comes full circle eh!!

So housing in Vancouver is OUTRAGEOUS! The building I lived in before now wants $1560 for a one bedroom and when I moved out last August it was $1414.

The one across the street where I lived the last 20 years off and on wants the same and more.

I give up…for now. You win. I love you but it is a toxic relationship. We moved so many times.  I worked so hard to earn the wage I needed to support my kid and rent an apartment but then flipped upside down and I went South for the winter.

That was all fine and dandy until EVERYTHING got flipped again and I had to fork over $600 to get a new tix home to leave early only to arrive and have to self isolate for 14 days. Which totally did a number on my head.  But my soul thrived.

I danced, I laughed, I cried, I drank and other things to heal my hurt from the loneliness and I survived and now I have moved. This is the really weird part.

You see as child I lived in Hope. Sadly, I had some serious personal life events that made it hard to like it here. Not Hope so much but where we actually lived…which my Mom often referred to as “Beyond Hope!”

But I digress. I am here. I was at my sister’s for the self-isolation and let me tell you, I was isolated. It’s really hard to get around and with buses going down well that whole commuting thing…I can’t do it anymore. I did it for years, working nightshifts and commuting and omgosh, things I saw and heard. Unhealthy for this kid.

That is why the last job I made sure I had an apartment where I could walk to work. Then the nanny contract ended and well I wanted to try Tofino. I went, I tried, I got laidoff and went to Mexico…and that is one circle…I was going to go back but it completely shut down.

I might have had a place to stay there was no job and no way to get there. I had booked buses and hostels and they got cancelled.

So after a month and half of bugging my little sis, this birdie flew the coop and set off for her nesting grounds.

I am not sure how I really got here but I am and my parents are buried here so I have been visiting them and visiting the river and well is SUPER GORGEOUS right now.

All I can think is Hope needs me right now. I find I end up in certain places where I am not really sure why and I think it is for me but then later some realization or lesson become clear and I am like ..OH, that was why I went there. You know they say we have all these lessons to learn…I must be a slow learner..

Anyways if you check out my Instagram and Fb I am posting lots of photos there. WordPress I have always found unfriendly so don’t like to post much on here.  So here are just a couple

Murals, Paintings & Videos

Hola, Good Morning.

New day. Was pouring but blue sky is coming and magnolias are blooming and Spring is on it’s way. We are under a lot of stress but we must make the effort to remain positive. I find looking at pretty photos or my art work and being flooded with memories..is nice distraction. So I am sharing some of my work here. I really loved painting the mermaid door. I hope to get to paint lots more someday. Lots and lots of pretty murals is what I would like to paint.Not to big… just like your living room or a door or something cool.

I don’t like used in a few of these so just turn some other music on please.

I tried to put them in the order of occurence

This is the same as other but longer

I’m Free


My Self Isolation of 14 day is complete.

Hurray! But is it safe to go out. … 🙁

Remember Stay Home as much as possible and Social Distance!!

Can’t Sleep

Did I ever tell you I worked a lot of nightshifts. I used to use the word (graveyard) but this translates poorly to Spanish and it is way easier to say I worked nights at least 4 years in my life and then being a mom..well…let’s just say I don’t sleep as “we are supposed to”

So to all you shiftworkers, moms, dads, students..
everyone who can’t sleep…Hola!! Buenos Dias..Good morning.

And I am on Zipolite time which until recently was 2 hours behind Vancouver but is now only one..but I sleep real weird..like a really old person.

If I don’t nap during day..then will sleep bet 8pm-12…wake a few hours..sleep a few..get up at 6..or 4am..it’s crazy…but I know others….same.. Who get up at 4am and Meditate..I am not that dedicated.

I remember why I used to blog..for when I couldn’t sleep but had to be quiet ..funny how when you write stuff down..you can sometimes figure stuff out.😎 this will be on my blog in a bit.

This was such a great day. My birthday at Punta Cometa. So blessed. Gracias Miguelito for taking me. You Rock!!
Punta Cometa on my Birthday this year!

If you are bored, lots of pretty photos on my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/zipolita/