Salmon Print

The adventure begins.

Big deep breath.

As an artist, selling is hard for me. I have sold all sorts of other people’s things, but my own art…I mean I have sold my web design and it has all my photography and coding skills and video, that is all my art but I am talking tangible, touchable, loveable art. The kind of thing you keep close by because it’s precious and you want to make sure it’s taken care of if you can’t do it any more.

These precious gems are drawings, paintings, carvings, things that smell right?  They have a scent. Scent is everything right. They say we choose are mates because they “smell good” to us. That’s so weird but so primal and I believe it.

I love the scent of cedar. I love to hold it in my hands, and I love to carve off each piece to create a surprise underneath because you really have no idea for sure what will happen. You pray the universe smile on you and you create a masterpiece. Ha! oh for now.. something to cherish.

I love to make prints. That stems back to my photography. Maybe that stems back to my assembly line factory years…not sure,something I love about repetition. Maybe it’s because we see repetition in nature but we don’t even realize it.

I love to paint!!

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