Well not sure it is greener, I will sure miss my beautiful bike rides but for now the city is calling me back. So for work and housing I must try again. Wish me luck. It has been wonderful to forest bath, paint and ride all the beautiful trails and I created some beautiful photo books that I am just waiting to arrive.

I have explored many wonderful opportunities but nothing has quite fit. I got to spend time at the rivers and lakes and visit all my old childhood haunts from our camping trips and picnics up here and all the visits to town I made as a kid. Finding the big old tree in the middle of the road and visiting Kawkawa Lake, so many memories.

Well I still have a bit of time but just wanted to post as I know I will look and poof I will be gone and not have posted…and that is a shame.

You can see all my #AdventurezOfZipolita on my Instagram so that is the easy way to see what I am doing. I had big dreams when I got here but timing is off. Seems it is off on a lot of things. Now as the dust settles from Covid and we try to grasp our footing let’s take a big leap of faith and jump into the unknown of whatever is coming our way may we find our path and our ancestors watch over us and guide us on the way.

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