The Murals & Decor- Part 2

This was my second big mural. I totally messed it up in the beginning and had to take a week break but then it came together beautifully. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I am fortunate, it’s on my porch and I sit and have coffee by it every morning and spend my day by it…it’s makes me feel so good. It is very healing. There is this one spot..the texture, colour, everything about it makes me want to jump in or I feel as I am in there and the wave is about to CRASH down …but I am safe, I go under…

Something interesting happened because when I got stuck I prayed to all the great artists and my ancestors and all my relations and Mother Ocean and asked for help because I was so tired from the first mural…I got lost. I was on this high of expression but then it was like a wall…pardon the pun.. I couldn’t paint what I saw, then I watched a couple of videos and then it felt like this voice screamed or shouted very loud ” Look at the photo!!” and then I saw…I saw so deep into the photo it was a rainbow of colour in parts and then it came easy. I just had to break it down.

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