Beach Walks, Pie, Waves & More

Hola, So the waves have been huge.

Huge waves in Zipolite
Huge waves in Zipolite

We have had lots of lovely walks and went to Ohm Playa for relaxing and playing in the water and suntanning on the hot sand.

Ohm Playa
Ohm Playa

We have been eating to many treats at Dulce Tentaciones but it’s all good we walk them off. Ja! Ja!

Chocolate Pie -Dulces Tentaciones

We visited  Piña Palmera

Piña Palmera
Piña Palmera

We are starting to settle in. I bought 2 good sized tubs for washing dishes and I have taught Angel how to wash dishes using very little water. #WaterIsLife

I am looking forward to making Christmas ornaments for our tree. I bought a little fake one and plan to get some wire…some where and wrap them all the pretty shells and beach glass we find and put it on the tree for decorations.  We walk the beach nearly every day and look at all the different dead fish that wash up. That is very interesting for Angel as she wants to be a marine biologist. Sometimes she feels shy when people look at her checking out the dead fish but I told her if Leonardo DaVinci hadn’t looked at all those things and drawn them all we would not have learned so much. Of course there were probably many simple drawings in all the Maya Codecs that were burned by the Conquistadors so sadly we will never know.

So here’s a bunch of photos.

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Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017
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Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2017