Just about to rebuild

Well if all goes to plan in a wee bit I will rebuild this monster. I built it at Emily Carr for my class portfolio project but never felt it was artisty enough. Let’s see what I can do.

I am reviewing all my lessons from Lynda.com on Responsive Web Design and WordPress. Everything changes so fast so I need to review. After I build mine I have a client to build one for and my sister might want one so I will definitely upgrade all my skills.

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I have been carving in a very special program at Langara, we lovingly refer to it as

Carving4Reconciliation it’s taught by our awesome instructor Aaron Nelson Moody



Started my carving…well got the layout on.

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New Paintings

Check out my new online Curriculum Vitae.    http://zipolitazcv.blogspot.ca/

I have some new paintings and there’s an art show in the works, we are just fine tuning the details, so stay tuned.  I created some new art books and I am working on one that will feature these images. I changed the name of my project to #SaveMyCoast so stayed tuned for that.

Always something new on the blogs

http://tinawinterlik.blogspot.ca  or http://adventurezinmexico.blogspot.ca

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Dezign by Zipolita

Here for your viewing pleasure are some examples of my dezign work. Need a website, video, blog, photography or digital imaging don’t hesitate to contact me at zipolita@gmail.com

Available to help with
Photography, Videography, Web Dezign, Social Media, App Dezign and Development, Book Publishing, Html5, CSS, JavaScript, Php, WordPress,  ChildThemes, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter,
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For More Information please do not hesitate to me.
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Over 20+ years experience in photography & web design. Recent upgrade Interaction

Passionate about videography and social media. Maintains several blogs and social

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Save Our Coast Paintings

Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita is a local B.C. artist. She has attended Selkirk College, Langara College and Emily Carr University as well as other private schools. She has a Diploma in Professional Photography as well as a Certificate in Interaction Design Essentials. She believes in life long learning and is self-taught in videography, social media, blogging and digital marketing. She realizes some of the best learning comes from trials and errors. She has worked and traveled Mexico, South Pacific, Caribbean & US.

She works in video, photography, web design and development, blogging, social media and loves to paint when she can find the time. She also loves to help promote artists & small businesses with her sharp social media skills. Her muse is her daughter, Angel.101_0292 The paintings featured here are from a series she is developing called #SaveOurCoast which originated on her blog Tina Winterlik Blog http://tinawinterlik.blogspot.ca/2012/10/way-to-go-bc-save-our-coast.html back in 2012 while they were in Mexico. Feeling powerless, she posted images of support on her blog in support of others were starting to protest against big oil with #noTanks #noPipeline.

She hopes that the paintings of her daughter enjoying a lovely day playing at the beach will help raise awareness of what we stand to lose if there is a major spill. We must turn to alternative energies. We have the technology & knowledge but lack the wisdom to use it. Together we must try. This project it one part of a giant step towards a better life for our children and the next 7 generations.


Mama Spirit Bear & Cubs

Well I just finished a new painting. I hope you like, and maybe would like to buy it!!  This is a painting of Mama Spirit Bear and cubs #SaveOurForests #SaveOurCoast  After I saw the wonderful documentary about the mother Spirit Bear and her two cubs I knew I had to paint it. http://tinawinterlik.blogspot.ca/2015/10/save-spirit-bear-saveourcoast.html

Title: Mama Spirit Bear & Cubs
Media: Oil on Canvas
Size : 30″ x 30″
Price: $500 Cdn